woensdag 8 oktober 2008

Talk on DSL and GWT at Devoxx'08

So this weekend the people from Devoxx sent me a mail with confirmation for me to present a Birds Of a Feather session at their next conference! Wow, that's certainly something I didn't really expect when I submitted the proposal two weeks ago. My presentation is about how I designed and used a Domain Specific Language to generate a Google Web Toolkit based user interface. I guess it must have been the combination of the two buzzwords DSL and GWT that did the trick. So the next few weeks I know what to do after I get back from the day job and putting the kids to bed! 

Since I've never before visited Devoxx (formerly known as JavaPolis) I don't really know what to expect from the conference; how many people will attend such a BOF, etc. My BOF is scheduled for 20:00 on Thursday night when everybody has started tasting the Belgium beers I suppose? We'll see.